Saturday, August 21, 2010


OK, so are there any excuses to justify procrastinating on a project? A project that's been planned, promised and prepared, but not written? Just as I thought.

It's tough to carve out time right now--when I have time, I have no mental energy. When I'm feeling mentally ambitious and creative, I have no time. It's a travesty! When will my 3rd book, The Italian Perspective, get written? Do I expect it to write itself? What's the hold-up?

My job recently changed--I was previously able to perform my job easily whether I was hungover, crippled, vomiting, or in a coma. Now I have a challenging job (the result of a promotion) that requires both physical and mental presence and effort. It's draining.

So, I'm seeking mental energy and time, seemingly the two most sought-after resources in the Universe. I have so many ideas bursting forth, only being 'recorded' in my somewhat reliable conscious mind. Hmm. I carry a notebook but rarely bother opening it to jot anything down. My laptop is at hand every evening with its sometime-functional internet connection but by the time evening rolls around I'm fresh out of ambition/motivation/inspiration.

This isn't an excuse note; it's not a half-assed reason for not writing. It's merely a recognition of my obstacles and a determination to overcome them, such as they are. It's a pledge to learn my new job so I can perform it more efficiently, leaving me time to work on things near and dear.

Wish me well...

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