Saturday, August 21, 2010

Public Appearance: Yikes!

I will be speaking at the De Tour Library on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 6:30 pm.

My speech will include comments about the writing process as well as the book club that inspired my first book, Bookworms Anonymous. Both of my books will be available for sale and 20% of the gross sales will be donated to the DeTour Library.

I can't guarantee the quality of my presentation: I earned straight As in both high school and college speech classes, but those speeches were usually about things I didn't care about and were restricted to five minutes maximum. I once spoke to a peer group when I worked for a credit union for one hour about the future of the credit union for which I worked, and I have very hazy recollections of that presentation. I suspect I entered an alternate mental state and somehow muddled through.

So, please attend, with high hopes but low expectations, and we'll see what happens.


OK, so are there any excuses to justify procrastinating on a project? A project that's been planned, promised and prepared, but not written? Just as I thought.

It's tough to carve out time right now--when I have time, I have no mental energy. When I'm feeling mentally ambitious and creative, I have no time. It's a travesty! When will my 3rd book, The Italian Perspective, get written? Do I expect it to write itself? What's the hold-up?

My job recently changed--I was previously able to perform my job easily whether I was hungover, crippled, vomiting, or in a coma. Now I have a challenging job (the result of a promotion) that requires both physical and mental presence and effort. It's draining.

So, I'm seeking mental energy and time, seemingly the two most sought-after resources in the Universe. I have so many ideas bursting forth, only being 'recorded' in my somewhat reliable conscious mind. Hmm. I carry a notebook but rarely bother opening it to jot anything down. My laptop is at hand every evening with its sometime-functional internet connection but by the time evening rolls around I'm fresh out of ambition/motivation/inspiration.

This isn't an excuse note; it's not a half-assed reason for not writing. It's merely a recognition of my obstacles and a determination to overcome them, such as they are. It's a pledge to learn my new job so I can perform it more efficiently, leaving me time to work on things near and dear.

Wish me well...