Saturday, January 28, 2012

Audio Books: the Reader's New Multitaskers!

I have discovered audio books.  I'm a member of, and I've increased my book budget considerably, but it's worth it!  Now I can read while exercising, mopping the floor or driving to the grocery store (it's thirty miles away).  My floors have never been so clean! Exercising has become interesting, and I usually walk farther during a good book, faster if it's suspenseful.  I especially enjoy the books about cantankerous old codgers who are really quite personable.  When driving and listening, I tend to drive slower to ensure I will hear the end of a chapter or section.

The latest one I listened to with such a character was Major Pettigrew's Last Stand.  The Major is full of bluster and sarcastic wit, wondering at his son's modern romantic arrangement and striving to maintain appearances for the neighbors.

Another great story featuring a pedantic older gent is The Widower's Tale, a grand yarn about Percy Darling (doesn't the name alone make you want to meet him?).  Percy, too, wonders at his children, trying to reckon their lives and contemporary times with his experiences.

Adding audio books to my daily routines has greatly increased my book consumption and added to my enjoyment of the books. The books are brought to life by the verbal telling, the narrator's use of inflection and of course his or her accent (Both of the above-mentioned books are told by men with English accents; delicious!) and the background music during the introduction.  Some audio books feature an interview with the author at the end of the story too, which is always interesting and usually makes me want to read more of their books.

So, mix it up! Walk the dog and enjoy a book at the same time.

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