Saturday, June 2, 2012

My word! What a cool chair.

My first adventure with Mod Podge resulted in an eclectic, wordy conversation piece I plan to use at future Bookworms Anonymous meetings. My training consisted of viewing a YouTube video of a woman applying Mod Podge to a flat surface.  The one tip I gleaned was this:  after applying the Mod Podge to the bare surface, let it dry to a tacky finish before pressing a piece of paper or fabric (I only used glossy magazine paper), then painting over the paper with a thin coat of Mod Podge.

First I amassed an impressive stack of clipped magazine articles and words or phrases I thought chair-worthy;  I trimmed everything very close, leaving no white margins, and then cut them in different shapes--some were hacked diagonally, some lengthwise, and some columns shortened at random intervals.  I left some at their original length so I could trim as needed when I reached the difficult parts.

I started working on it outside on a hot, sunny day, then let it cure (unnecessary, but I had to work long hours the following three days) before finishing it inside on a dismal, rainy day.

The seat was the most difficult due to the many subtle contours, so I tackled that part first.  

After applying two coats to the base, or background text, I added a few interesting words and one graphic image.
 Someone studying the chair might notice two small articles:  one about drinking more coffee and one about reading something with a calming theme to induce sleep.  There are also a few fun words or phrases installed along the seat edge and back.

 So exciting! The finished product will reside in the corner of my dining room until a bibliophile drops in for a cup of coffee or the Bookworms Anonymous group gathers at my house.  We'll have to hold arm wrestling competitions to determine who wins this seat of honor!

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