Sunday, June 17, 2012

To Blog or Not To Blog

That's the real question.  How much time should I dedicate to writing and editing a blog, when I don't know who (if anyone) is reading it? I could easily write book reviews, snippets about my days and observations on everything from the weather to my Pinterest obsession. But shouldn't I be using the time and energy for writing my new book?

I'm working on an as-yet-untitled book about fraternal twins growing up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  The book opens with a startling, violent scene and ends about thirty-five years later.  My first draft is finished, and it's been through the first round of editing.  It's now back in my lap awaiting my revisions, additions and further research about a career in architecture and adopting a baby in 1975.

The writing articles, books and blogs I read have one thing in common:  they all maintain the only way to write is to actually sit down and write.  Sounds simple, but the act of forced creativity is rather unsavory to contemplate, let alone sit down and do.  But Anne Lamott says I should, and Stephen King says I should, and Natalie Goldberg and Caroline See and the guy who wrote the Art of War for Writers.  They all say it.

And so I'll go and I'll sit and I'll write.  I'll revise and edit and curse and brainstorm a title for this greatest piece I've manufactured to date, so I can get it out there in the world.  Right after I have another cup of coffee and go for a walk.  It's a known fact walking can increase creative energy and provide answers to...oh, who am I kidding.  I'm procrastinating again.  (deep breath)  Okay, I'm plunging in.  Hang on tight--this story is going to keep you turning pages!

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